Friday, March 11, 2011

Homemade Hostess

The other day I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting all from scratch.  While my husband loved them, he did inform me that he still likes Hostess cupcakes better.

So I found a recipe for homemade hostess cupcakes.

These bad boys are RICH.  But the filling is WAY better than the actual hostess cupcakes.  In fact, I think I'm going to have to use that filling in another cupcake...

Oh, and I had fun with some of the swirls.  Some said "I Love You" in cursive, matching the swirls...

[Photo Unavailable- cupcake eaten]

but Tyler may have eaten those without even noticing what they said.  Hehe

Monday, February 14, 2011


I spent way too much time on these cookies.

But it was so fun!

According to Tyler's friends, I need a hobby.

Don't they realize this is my hobby?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

"Baby it's cold outside.... are you listening?"
Tyler has the song "Baby it's cold outside" stuck in his head, but can't remember the rest of the lyrics.  So instead, he combines it with some of the lyrics from "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."  Or at least, what sounds like are supposed to be lyrics from Winter Wonderland.

Every time he sings it, it sounds like he's asking me if I'm listening to him telling me it's cold outside.  Until he continues on with other made up lyrics.

It's rather entertaining on these cold cold nights.

Besides listening to Tyler, my favorite thing to do on frigid evenings (hey, I have to find something positive about the -10 temps) is to sit all bundled up next to our real tree.

It smells so perfectly Christmasy.  It's worth the excess needles on the floor.  Trust me.

For some reason, this year I'm not the grinch I normally am.  I actually began decorating the day after Thanksgiving, with strong urges to start before Thanksgiving even! 
Totally unlike me.

Maybe it was the real tree that has spurred me on.  Or these gorgeous stockings my mom knit for us:
Aren't the perfect?  The color in this photograph is a little off.  The colors are even more gorgeous in person.  And she's working on a little one for Wally in a lighter green!  How fun!

I've even been baking like a mad woman.  So far I've baked:

  1. 2 different batches of sugar cookies
  2. Thin Mint cookies
  3. Peppermint Cream bars
  4. Pretzel Kiss candies
  5. and I have dough in the freezer ready to make peppermint/sugar cookie sandwich thing-a-ma-jings.

Still on my list are spritz cookies, chocolate chip cookies for Dad, stained glass sugar cookies for Ma, and more sugar cookies as per Tyler's request.


Thankfully, when Tyler's home, he's been doing most the cooking.  I'm far too busy baking to cook.

Well, stay warm out there.  After all, "Baby it's cold outside, are you listening?"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread Throwdown 2010

When Tyler and I were dating, we thought it would be fun to build ginger bread houses with my littlest brother and sister.

This was such a success, that it has become a tradition.  This year was our third year creating these masterpieces.

For months, the kids drew up plans, determined to outdo Tyler this year.  They'd send me on missions to discover his plans, and swear me to secrecy to protect theirs.

Finally, the day came to build!

Greyson joined us this year.  I don't think his heart was totally in it.  This undecorated jumble above was named cardboard ghetto.  Maybe next year, Grey?

This beauty is Ellie's.  She built a beautiful snow-covered front porch, peaked roof and chimney, complete with bushes and a snowman out front.

Isaac stayed very true to his plans.  He made a chimney with candy-cane smoke drifting out the top.  With Tyler's help to make it stable, he built a beautiful gingerbread house!

Once again, Tyler blew us all away.  This year he decided to keep it simple.  He built a manger.  He has a SourPatch Kid baby Jesus, three Sour Patch Kid wisemen, and the three candy-canes symbolize shepherd crooks.  Oh, and the camel, bear and lion animal crackers just complete the picture.

I suppose I'll show you mine.  I also attempted a front porch, but I must say: Ellie did it far better.  I have nothing else to say about it.

Next year I'll take Tyler down!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sauck Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was at Kay's house.

I made the hot mulled apple cider.  Thanksgiving just requires it.

The place was packed!  Not only with people, but with amazing food.

Besides the 20 pounds of potatoes, green beans, corn, deviled eggs, multiple pies and other goodies, there were three (count them, 3) different kinds of turkey AND a ham!

Lots of good eating.

And after all the eating, photo taking commenced.

I decided against taking a photo of the entire group together.  It was expected to have over 40 people at Kay's house- my lens just isn't wide enough!  But, I did take different groups.

First up, Elmer and Marcella's boys and gals.
MaryAnn, Jeanne, John, Brian
Mark, Elmer, Marcella

Then the grandkids piled in, minus Chris and Dean.
Shannon, Derrek, Darren, Matt (Stan), Rachel, Mike
Katie, Elmer, Marcella, Jordan (No Wait, That's Tyler!!)

For those of you who were not there, I accidently called my husband Tyler, Katie's brother, by the wrong name.  Instead of Tyler, I called him Katie's husband's name, Jordan.  Katie and Jordan just are so natural together, their names roll out together way too easily!

Finally, the great-grand-kiddos had their moment.
Again, not everyone was there.
And I'm sorry, I'm just not that good yet- I can't name all of them.  I'm still learning.

It was a very successful day.  Lots of fun, lots of family, and lots of food.

Tyler had to roll me home at the end of the night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He's a good ol' dog.

Yes.  I bought Wally a sweater.

He had all his hair shaved off and he gets cold so easily!  I couldn't help myself.

Much to my surprise (and to my husband's disgust), Wally actually loves his sweater!

Look at that content look on his face as he rolls in the grass.  Doesn't that look like complete comfort?

"Thanks for putting my sweater on!  I'm so warm!!"

See, he really loves it.

"Ok.  Enough photos."

However, he does not love getting his photo taken.

"Really?  You're really going to make me sit here for this?  Really?  Ugh."

"But this is so lame.  Sitting by these lame pumpkins.  Hmph."

Here you can see how Wally has taken notes from Tyler.  "If you're going to make me take a photo, I'm going to make a goofy face."
(see example)

He's a good dog.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, and Tyler's pumpkin...

In response to my "Welcome" pumpkin, Tyler carved a "Go Away" pumpkin.

 Thought you needed to see it.

(This was taken a week after he carved it, so the letters are starting to distort as it decays... but it still is quite effective, don't you think?)